Hassib Sabbagh IT Center of Excellence

Consolidated Contractors International Company (CCC), through American Near East Refugee Aid (ANERA), has funded Hassib Sabbagh Information Technology Center of Excellence (HSITCE) project at Arab American University-Jenin.

We at HSITCE are committed to continue to reflect CCC's world-class standards of excellence.

HSITCE Functional Units

The Center consists mainly of five operational units. These units will work in cooperative manner to achieve the different strategic goals set by the center, these units are:

1. Training Unit :
The general functions of this unit include the study of community needs, coordinate with Continuing Education Center, and coordinate with AAUJ faculties to cope with scientific curriculum. In addition this unit will market for newly introduced training courses. The training unit consists of the following main subunits:
a-Human Resourses Develpment.
b- Individual / Group Training.
c- Accreditation & Certification.
2. IT Business Incubation Unit:
a-The Objectives.
b-Screening Committee .
d-Incubation Phases.
3. Research and Development R&D Unit:
The main objective of this unit to directly target and serve community needs for IT, in addition to marketing IT qualities. The Community gateway unit is establish tight relationships with both private and public sector of the community and introduces services to those entities through the business gateway subunit. The community gateway unit consists mainly of three subunits:
a-Business Gatway.
b-Job Allocation.
c-IT Solution Development.
4. AAUJ/HSITCE Computer and Network Unit :
The main objective of this unit is to maintain the service provided to the AAUJ University , and to update the computer network of the university, to develop the database software and filing system, and to provide the technical support to the AAUJ faculties. The AAUJ computer and network unit consists mainly of four subunits:
a-Technical Support.
b-Software Development.
c-Data Network.
d-Web Develoment.

Training: 101
Activities: 100
Students: 100
diplomas: 100